Vishal Group

Vishal Group- Contributing To the Growing Nepal

Over a period, Nepal has seen a lot changes in the business field. Several companies were established and were closed in a snap of a finger due to the tough economic issues but the leader remained intact in its place. Vishal Group, one of the most trusted companies has seen it all in over 80 years of its existence.

It came into being as a small company but now holds several under the guidance of some of the smart brains of business world. One such name is Arpit Agrawal, the director of the group who has been contributing to its growth since the time he was merely as student.

Vishal Group - Building Better Lives

Being associated with the major business family in Nepal, he was destined to take it up as a career, but he never let the limelight of the family history deter his own charm. The young entrepreneur now works towards taking the company to the next level on his own through the field of FMCG distribution throughout Nepal. Working in this field, the company has been able to prove its smart tactics bringing the global market in local market for the people of Nepal.

The main reason behind their success rate in Nepal FMCG market is the planning lay forth before beginning the distribution of the product. They do their basic research, understanding the customers and their needs while planning for targeting them precisely. It is only the hard work of the creative youth associated with the company, which has made it possible for them to achieve such heights.


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