Vishal Group – Moving, Changing, Innovating

From villages to cities, banks to industries, and farms to schools – Vishal Group has contributed a lot in the Nepal’s socio-economical progress. Being one of the top 5 distributor companies in Nepal, this group has created its own landmarks – meeting the changing needs of the people, customers and society through intelligent and integrated development.

We know richness comes from difference, believing in “all different are equal”, there is a great diversity amongst Vishal Group people. Take a look beneath the surface and beyond the obvious, and you will discover that we all share very similar values. And similarly their values form the foundation of their work. Well, if you are looking for a fair deal, their word is reliable! They conduct business legitimately and under the code of ethics.

Vishal Group   Building Better Lives

Various business divisions, where they have their footstep are Banking, Life Insurance, Iron and Steel, FMCG distribution etc. Apart from this they have also forayed into areas like Hydropower, Education, Cement, Agriculture etc. Through these they operate in a range of sectors from manufacturing to banking, education and real estate, and are proudly associated with many global premium brands through their import and distribution arms.

All they believe is in working towards the advancement of the society and being subservient in re-shaping the company’s strategy towards building sustainable long term core competence, converting and improving the policies of the company so that business communities facilitate in building a New Nepal. Vishal Group has been a prominent player in driving the financial sector of the country successfully. Striving to be the best, they play to win.


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