Vishal Group

Vishal group has been one of the topmost contributors of employment in Nepal and currently it has employed more than 10000 people from all over the country. This company has been promoting a wide range of international trades all over Nepal. In the early sixties, it used to promote many goods that came from China. It continued this way for the next few decades until the last few years the company has been focusing on products from all over the world.

There are many brands that are getting promoted by this company in Nepal and have been very successful all over the country. In the sector of banking and finance, this group has been a quite a role player all over the world. Vishal Group is known for its campaigns that they execute all over the country and they know the skills of getting more and more people connected to the products. This is very important and one of the successful tools in marketing.

There are many big houses such as the LIC, NMB Bank, NIC ASIA; the prudential insurance companies are some of the names that this company has been associated with. There are other sectors that the group is associated with such as education, manufacturing, automobiles and social business. Vishal group has been quite a successful venture for the country and it is still growing strong.

There has been a lot of nonsense talk in the recent past, but rumors have their own part to play. Ultimately, it is the people that matters and it is those customers whose smiling face tell you everything about the kind of services you are providing. That is the reason why even after many attempts this group is still very strong and there are many people who are connected to this company all over the country.


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